How to Create Defined, Healthy Curls

How to Create Defined, Healthy Curls

Winter wreaking havoc on your curls? Colder weather can potentially create:

  • Frizzy, undefined curls
  • Dry, itchy, or flaky scalp
  • Brittle hair, prone to breakage

Some extra-TLC is required for frizz-free, defined and healthy curls but it’s not impossible. Below are a few of our favorite tips and paraben-free curl care products to make sure your curls stay defined, no matter the weather. 

Use A Leave-in Treatment

Because curly hair is very porous, using a leave-in treatment will help to fill the “holes” of high-porosity hair and to lock in your curls’ moisture. Apply a generous amount of SH-RD Protein Cream on damp hair and gently finger-comb through to distribute evenly. The unique Silk Protein Complex strengthens each hair strand, providing your curls with essential amino acids to rebuild your hair’s compromised protein bonds. The result is more defined frizz-free curls. 

Don’t Forget Your Scalp! 

It’s easy to only consider your curls themself, but healthy hair stems from a healthy scalp. If your scalp is compromised - hello, dry, itchy scalps - then your curls will also suffer because their foundation isn’t stabilized. Dependent on how dry or itchy your scalp feels, regularly apply SH-RD Intensive Root Repair Scalp Essence while massaging it thoroughly to activate. The SH-RD Intensive Root Repair immediately hydrates your scalp and additionally strengthens your hair at its roots to ultimately prevent hair loss. 

Stay Away From Your Hair Dryer

Give your curls a break from exposure to extreme temperatures - from the cold to the heat styling - and instead opt for air drying your curls with easy, elegant hairstyles. Check out this easy half up, half down hairstyle that will make your curls POP.

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