Luxurious Shampoos and Semi-Treatments

Luxurious Shampoos and Semi-Treatments

Organic and Eco-friendly Range of Luxurious Shampoos and Semi-Treatments

Our SH-RD Scalp Shampoo & Semi-Treatment Series offers a harmonious blend of luxurious potent ingredients aimed at rejuvenating the scalp and promoting flourishing hair. Rediscover hair wellness where it begins—at the ROOTs.


✨✨Sage Purifying Shampoo / Sage Purifying Semi-Treatment
for Oily Scalp
| Sage Extract Added | Deep Cleansing, Re-balancing, Hydrating Dandruff Scalps | Safe for Flat Hair & All Hair Types, | Sulfate-Free, Silicone-Free |

#Scalp Series #Oil Controling
Top-tier rare formula - Specialized for the Scalp (Oil Control)

【Pure Sage Extract】Controls oil, purifies, and reduces scalp sebum secretion.
【7 Herbal Essences】Chamomile, nettle, horsetail, rosemary, honeysuckle, heptacodium, and wintergreen.
【Silk Protein】Enhances hair shine and moisture retention.
【Avocado Oil Extract】Doubles up on oil control.
Rosemary Extract】Strengthens the scalp and roots.
【Peppermint】Provides a cooling sensation, reducing greasiness.


✨✨Reishi Volumizing Shampoo
for Sensitive and Fragile Scalp
| Reishi Extract Extract Added | Paraben-Free |
| Soothing Scalp Shampoo with Reishi Extract | Rosemary, Argan Oil | Hair Volume Boost. |

🌿Top-tier Rare Formula - Specialized for theScalp (Soothing)

【Luxurious Reishi Essence】Richin various amino acids, vitamins, oxidases, and trace elements, effectivelymoisturizes dry, split ends, and sensitive scalp. Suitable for use even onsensitive scalps. Enhances straight hair texture and repairs heat damage.
【Vitamin B3】Improves hairresilience, adding fullness and softness, bidding farewell to flat and limp hair.
【Organic Moroccan Hair Oil】Providesa soft and glossy feel, excellent for detangling.
【Rosemary Extract】Strengthensthe scalp and roots.
【VitaminB5】Strengthensthe hair.



🌿🌿Truffle Moisturizing Shampoo / Truffle Moisturizing Semi-Treatment
for Dry Damaged Hair
| Extract Added | Combates dry, flaky scalps, the common culprits behind dandruff | Sulfate-Free |
| Shampoo with Truffle Extract, Keratin, Rosemary | Intense Hydration, Repair & Scalp Relief. |

Top-tier Rare Formula - Specialized for the Scalp (Anti-Dandruff)

【OTP Anti-Dandruff and Antimicrobial】Deeply cleanses the scalp, reducing excess oil and dandruff.
【Luxurious Truffle Extract】Enhances scalp moisture retention, preventing damaged hair and breakage.
【Organic Active Bodhi Bud】Anti-tangling, anti-drying, and anti-static properties.
【Rosemary Extract】Strengthens the scalp and roots.
【Provitamin B5】Strengthens the hair.



✨✨Red-Ginseng Activating Shampoo
Root strengthening, for Thinning Hair
| Red Ginseng Extract Added | Stop thinning, start growing |
Clinically proven to stimulate hair follicles | Scalp condition for sustained hair growth |
| Paired with soothing Chamomile Essential Oil and balancing Zinc PCA |

#Scalp Series #Prevent Hairloss
Top-tier Rare Formula - Specialized for the Scalp (Hair Nourishment)

【Red Ginseng Extract - Ginsenoside Rg2】Nourishes the hair and strengthens the roots.
【Chamomile Essential Oil】Nourishes the hair roots and soothes the scalp.
【Doctor's Tea/Green Tea/Black Tea】Anti-aging and antioxidant - a protective shield against UV rays.
【Zn-PCA】Maintains oil-water balance.


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