My SH-RD Fragrance Lab


Appearances are important, hair represents our personality, thoughts and beliefs, also as a reflection of our identity because it is both personal and public. For centuries, women have been able to play different roles by changing different hairstyles, a healthy hair is vital. Shaan Honq Group presents My SH-RD Fragrance Lab through the 5 senses interaction and DIY personal hair treatment by one’s favorite fragrance to arise the importance of healthy hair Original Festival 2016 gathers 45 creative brands to join, fun and creative events were held every day with band performances, flea markets, lucky draws, etc.


This exhibition attracted 200,000 visits this year in 2016 Artemis Tsai, General Manager of Shaan Honq Group was invited to join the opening ceremony and press conference of 2016 Original Festival Michael Shih, international educator of Shaan Honq Group was invited as the guest speaker from the organizer and received non-stop likes from the facebook and other social network.

Visitors kept stopping by and showed highly interests about SH-RD products Through the 5 senses interaction, practice and DIY their own fragrance SH-RD Protein Cream, together with everyday lucky draw events and facebook selfie & comments events More than hundreds of visitors join our DIY events and took back their own “masterpieces”, also attracts overseas visitors from England, Korea, Los Angeles, offshore islands of Peng-Hu. At the end of this exhibition, we had 2 lucky winners to win the best prize of whole set of our SH-RD products ( $ US 300).

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