SH-RD  x EBS, Mexico, 2023

SH-RD x EBS, Mexico, 2023

SH-RD x EBS , Mexico
| Oct.22-24, 2023 | 
The one and only representative of the beauty industry from Taiwan at the Mexican Hair and Beauty Expo.
Expo Beauty Show México is the most renowned beauty exhibition in Latin America and Spanish-speaking countries. To demonstrate our commitment to this event, we have prepared Taiwanese premium products, the SH-RD Protein Cream and the Pure Scalp Hair Care System, to showcase in Mexico, a country with a population of over a hundred million. We will also provide on-site scalp analysis using the latest scalp testing technology for the attendees at the exhibition.



In addition to using cloud-based data systems for follicle and hair analysis, we will conduct personalized analyses for conditions such as follicle dandruff, sensitivity, hair thickness, and hair volume. Visitors undergoing these tests will be seeing the condition of their scalp for the first time, and their immediate reactions are often filled with astonishment. It becomes clear that there are various aspects of scalp health that require attention and care.
Our Mexican partners and overseas marketing specialists from Shaan Honq will recommend suitable products tailored to different scalp conditions.
Apart from the professional scalp care products on display, the globally renowned SH-RD Protein Cream continues to be the star product, leaving users amazed by its magical effect of immediate smoothness and shine after trying it out.
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