SH-RD Intensive Root Repair Essence (Anti-Aging)

SH-RD Intensive Root Repair Essence (Anti-Aging)

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  • Anti-Aging exclusively for the scalp
  • Hair Loss Slowdown
  • Eliminate excess DHT production
  • Fragrance-Free

Hair growth starts with healthy hair. Hair strands need nutrients to grow strong, giving thinning hair a much-needed boost to guarantee growth

Designed to fight the many causes of hair loss, including poor root circulation, waxy fungal buildup, excess DHT production. Add botanical extracts and vitamins to eliminate the excess sebum and infusing needed nutrients for scalp and hair.


  1. Shampoo, rinse, and towel dry hair.
  2. Apply the lotion and gently massage your scalp, no need to rinse.


  • SKU: SD210
  • Size: 1.69oz/50ml